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To be a member of an athletic squad can be one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have.  The great feeling of honor, pride, and personal satisfaction that comes with being a member of a team has no equal anywhere; just anyone can’t be in athletics.  “It takes something extra.”  It requires great personal sacrifice, hard work, burning desire, physical and mental courage, and devotion to the common cause.

As a member of a team the athlete must be aware of the important role he/she has in representing the school and community. One un-sportsman like act can neutralize several favorable accomplishments.  Team members are recognized outside the school situation.  For this reason, students must be willing to accept this unique role as ambassadors of the school.  If athletes are truly to accept this role, they will reflect this in their conduct and training all year

The coaches and school administration in the National Trail Local School District believe certain standards of behavior, scholarship, and citizenship are important to a sound athletic program, and expectations, sometimes beyond those required of non-athletes, may be imposed upon those who present themselves as athletes.

We believe the following objectives show the importance of the established training policies:

1.       To help encourage the athlete to recognize the responsibilities to the team, coaches, fellow athletes, and the school.

2.       To help encourage the athlete to realize that winning is a team effort and a team concern.

3.       To help encourage the athlete to recognize success comes only through self-sacrifice and hard work.

4.       To help encourage the athlete to be aware of the value of training rules.  A sound mind and body are needed for maximum performance.

For these reasons, the following regulations will be in effect for all athletes upon enrollment at National Trail Local Schools.